Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fest Africa 2010...

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And The Journey Begins...

Sup Family,Just wanna let you wonderful people of blogville know...My site is up and running.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Update long overdue

This post is long overdue. Mhen mehn where do I start from????

So sorry for the silence, I have been so busy even my relationship has suffered a great deal and I definitely suck at communication. But am working on it…Never knew planning a wedding could be this stressful especially when both parents wants the wedding in different locations…Abeg make una help me, how is that gonna happen???. A wedding here in the states /a wedding in Naija…Hahahah tales of a broken home. A lot of broha ha has been going on in my family. I and my fiancĂ© don’t even know whose side we are on. We decided to give them more time to iron out their differences. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

Amidst all, I have been working on myself. I am a year older this month (Gemini baby)I give thanks to God for where am coming from…where I am….and where am GOING…One thing I noticed I left out of my first post on BlogSpot is my passion for photography. I am obsessed with art, I love taking pictures of anything, everything except myself… I'm entering a new world and the journey has been awesome. Doing what I love has given me so much fulfillment and joy that fills me up.

My website is in the making…so I would be sharing the link this month(alot of freebies too)…..I was privileged to shoot an awesome wedding with my mentor “Tunji Sarumi” Here are some of the images .Click on images to enlarge size.….Enjoy!

"Love is a beautiful Thing"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

....The Path that lead to it all....

We met 1998 years ago so we were both rather young. I was 11, he was 13.(I have a pic of us back then together).We both attended the same church...we also member of the choir....Whenever we in church, i already have this funny feeling that someone is looking at me...and whenever i turn around, he is always the one looking. The first time he spoke to me...he lost his words and asked if he could borrow the novel i had with me instead....We got closer every choir practice. I started visiting their house by becoming friends with all the females in their yard....(for easy access to him)

We both had challenges while growing up. We both came from a broken home and our mothers were both out of the country.. His step mum was not in support of our relationship from the Go. I mean, she doesn’t have a problem with me but she just doesn’t understand why i choose to be with her step son rather than all the big boys in the area... She said to me in 2002 "Why do u wanna waste your youth with Kay?...He doesn’t have anything to offer u....To make matter worse ,he doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t even have a room of his own; He sleeps in the living room. Gosh my heart dropped....I wouldn't even act like i didn't know where she was coming from.(So u can now understand when she saw us at the party together and engaged)..I know the situation of things with Kay and i could relate. So i didn’t let what his step mother said get to me.I just brushed it off and i never bothered telling him until last year.(when we reminisced about the past).

Fast forward, I finished high school...I went to University in naija...Moved to the states in 2004. We kept in touch but things went apart around 2006, there was a break in our relationship and personally I didn’t believe we would get back cos i moved on. He never stopped calling...never stop sending letters, emails. In short we kept in touch all thru the break. I never stopped loving him, every time i get into a relationship; i tend to compare my present guy with my 1st.No one came close. There’s this feeling that’s so unique. I am always myself when am with him. (He understands when his boo throws a flat on a dress>>>come see him face>>priceless!!!) I am content with Him.

We were both different places in our lives than before and now reconciling both lives together was a huge task. By his grace, we decided to give what we had a chance. And, Here we are Today.
We are confident that we will make it and weather any storm.

Koko of the story: Having a 3rd party in your relationship is the worst ish ever. Although it might be hard sometimes cos you need someone to talk or gist and all that….but remember what works for Sade…Nkechi, Amina might not work for you and might actually backfire on your relationship.

Thanks for all the comments again...U guys are too Gbaski!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

...Atlast... ♥

Me and my fiance have been together for 11 going to 12 years,he is my 1st love... We are each others best friend...always talked about everything name it..engagement,marriage,hyphenating my last name,kids,our parents,friends, everything.So we getting engaged was not something surprising.I knew it was coming,just did not know when and how he was gonna do it.I got some hints from him while chit chatting....asking about my ring size and all dat..)Fast forward to the was on Christmas day...We were together in the room chit chatting about a family gathering we had to attend later in the evening .I noticed he looked kinda uneasy and was sweating...My own concern was the oufit,i was gonna wear to the party.So i just kept talking ...He was pacing around the room and nodding which was unlike him...hmm am wondering,wetin do dis one?

I sat down on the bed looking at him..and before i could ask if he was ok.He came close to where i seated and held my hand and got down on his knee...Homeboy hands were shaking... I got into some sort of shock when I realize what he's doing.He said "Will you be with me forever?" ..." Will you marry me, ?" . He
opened the box holding the engagement ring, and started sliding it onto my finger.He was all covered up in sweats mehn..

I cherished every word that came out of his thought those were the last words i was gonna hear before going deaf..My heart was shooting mad stars...Before i knew it..i was crying. Nodding.I said yes! A million times yes!" and got him up off his knee..We hugged each other tightly for a few minutes.Call me weird,i didn't get on the phone immediately calling my folks and all dat(always had that planned out that i was gonna call all my family..everybody)...I was overwhelmed, Just sat down in the room ,letting it all sink in and i just busted out crying again.Cos it all feels like yesterday when we met in church,we were both in the same choir(lol he was always checking out my butt while singing to the lord)

We later headed off to their Xmas family party and boy,i havent seen his dad for like 7-8 years(its been that long cos we got busted years back while we were tryna explore each others body better...ever since then,i avoided his father like calculus).But mehn,when we got to the party,i felt like a princess cos most people haven't seen us together since we got busted and the news got around(at least,we thought it got around) they were surprised.Eh eh eh come see babes at the party starring at me like "who the f,do u think u r..walking in here feeling ..)In my mind,am like "shhhh....e Jekin jaiye ori mi)..He broke the news to his parents at the party.I called my parents and broke the news to them...Shh come see drama,my mama cried like a baby(don't blame her, the only child)

I still call him boyfriend ...Am still adapting to the whole fiance thing jare.

Happy New Month....To everyone that left a comment....I appreciate U.Thanks!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Said "Yes"

Happy New Years Bloggers.
I just got back from Naija 2 hrs ago...Mehn at first i thought 3 and half wk was too much but chei it felt like 3 and half days.
He popped the Question on xmas day....After 11 years se? still feels like yesterday .

Feeling to Bed!!!